I like AssetHR because they're wearing more than just one hat. We're able to incorporate benefits versus just plain payroll. They offer a forms library, and I wasn't even aware services like that were available. And when human resources issues come up, I use them. I basically have the HR services of a large company, even though we're a small company. I like it.
John H., President
Without hesitation, I can say that I have gained personal insight and added to my leadership toolkit as a result of the leadership coaching program. The learning that took place inside the coaching conversations was especially helpful. These dialogues were relevant to my role as Chief Financial Officer and offered several opportunities for me to consider how best to utilize my professional strengths to benefit myself and others in the workplace. I feel better prepared and more confident to tackle our challenges strategically, with awareness and optimism.
Gregg J., CFO
“I love the service. I can always get my questions answered by a real person. I know I could do a lot of it on their website, but I like the fact that I can always get an expert on the phone and get my needs taken care of immediately.”
Sue H., CFO