Legal Services

In order to provide the services that we provide to companies, you can bet we’ve got a cadre of legal experts on speed dial to answer any legal question pertaining to doing business, contracts, employees, buy/sells... you name it. We’ve established a great partnership with one of the nations leading business legal firms. Then we went and did something unheard of – we negotiated rates.

Crazy but true. You see, through working with our clients, we found that many of the companies we work with don’t have a “go to” legal expert due to the high rates most attorneys charge. So we negotiated a price with our firm to provide a variety of bundled legal services at discounted rates that we could pass on to our clients.

So if you need a contract reviewed, employment contract written or legal advice and representation, you can count on AssetHR to provide you expert legal support at a significant discount. It’s just one more way when you outsource your HR needs you get more for your money.