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Our expertise. Your success. Asset HR.

Outsourcing human resource services lets you focus on your core business. Whether you have two or 2,000+ employees, you need to keep accurate records and administer payroll, benefits and retirement programs. You are also committed to devoting time to develop your employees and leaders.

If human resource (HR) services are not your core business, you can gain tremendous efficiencies—such as cost savings and consulting benefits—by outsourcing these functions.

Ask yourself:

  • Are your systems set up to utilize employee data for decision making?
  • Are you in compliance with employer legal requirements?
  • Are you dealing effectively with difficult employee issues?
  • Are you investing in your employees and leaders by providing employee and leadership development opportunities?

With AssetHR’s program, much of the administrative work is done with high-end technology, leaving time for you to gain access to an incredible wealth of HR and employee development knowledge.
You are in control at all times, and we work with your whole office—both management and employees—to deliver the optimal blend of human resource services.

The bottom line: AssetHR is a powerful ally. We offer a broad depth of proficiency in all aspects of human resources and leadership development, with superior HR technology and senior-level consulting for business leaders.

Introducing the Judgment Index™

Good judgment greatly influences the success of skill sets, processes, and information in the workplace. Enhance your risk management, increase safety effectiveness, and raise the bar on your hiring and promotional selections through the Judgment Index™. Click here to view the three minute intro video, or contact us to learn more.

HR Consulting

Our human resource management programs are designed to build efficiency and effectiveness across all levels of your management team. Click here to learn more.

Payroll and Administration

If your company requires human resource management services (HRMS) or payroll technology, we have the best there is to offer. Click here to learn more.

Benefits and insurance

AssetHR provides expert counsel on your options for individual and group insurance. We leverage our expertise and associations with leading vendors to deliver proven solutions. Click here to learn more.

Leadership Training

We offer a rich blend of learning tools and services with an exemplary team of leadership coaches to enhance professional effectiveness. Click here to learn more.